Thursday, May 2, 2013

Hardware vs Electronics wastecycle chess set

This is about a one of a kind hand made chess set. 

About a year ago I was given a broken PC with no hard drive no CPU and told the motherboard was fried. the 15" LCD screen was all no good a friend had the pieces laying around for some time and did't know what to do with them. Now most geeks would just gut the tower and use it to build a new system but I had another Idea it was time to build something I had been thinking about my own Chess set. I started out but pulling the PC Tower apart with pliers.  

The parts were Free so I was having some fun here is a shot of the PC casing 

Next it was time for the the Chess Board which in a past life was the LCD screen. I started by removing the casing and then clack drawing a grid lines which were then scratched in to a checker pattern. more pics

Next I needed to Set out the Pieces I decided that I would be great if the sides looked really different so and I had some old blots laying around so it was time for Hardware VS Tech. I took a lot pics

After locking at what Piece would make for each figure in the set I realized I need a better selection of bolts that really stud out so I set to Rusting my own. I bought some new ones from the Hardware store. Using some good old Bleach I let them set for about 2 weeks and they aged to be just perfect. 

And checkmate. I now have a set that is by far my best work. I have a few other sets in the working each with their own one of a kind hand made theme. but those will be for another blog. In the Mean time check out some more pics. As a bonus I rusted some washers and made a checker set to complement. 

To see all the pics, yes there are more, check my album

Small update, I just got a small write up on Hackaday check it out